Re-Homing Company

HRNSW Establishes the Harness Racing Standardbred Re-Homing Company Ltd.

NSW Harness Racing Industry Standardbred Re-Homing Company Framework


Company Directors


Peter Nugent

Current Board Member of HRNSW and Chairman of the recently established HRNSW Re-Homing Company. Peter is also on the Investment Committee, Education Committee, HRNSW and a member of the 2020 Interdom Consultative Group.  An active owner and breeder of Standardbred race horses and been involved in Harness Racing since 1975.


Denis Conroy

Denis is a retired Credit Union General Manager.

Industry participant for 55 years as owner, trainer, driver at various times over that period.

Currently Secretary/Treasurer of Griffith Club, Chairman of Graduation and Penalty Free Clubs and delegate, representative for that Association to HRCC ,HRICG and the newly formed Rehoming Company.

I endeavour to bring my passion for this sport to these organisations to advance the betterment of industry participation and the perception of our sport in the wider community.


Julie Maughan

Julie Maughan is the Harness Racing Clubs Committee (HRCC) representative as a Director on the HRNSW Rehoming Company.

Living in the north of the State Julie is currently in her second term (4 yrs) as Chairperson of the Tamworth HRC, Secretary of the Armidale HRC (6 yrs) and President of the North and North West Harness Racing Association.

With a lifetime involvement in the sport of harness racing Julie is looking forward to her involvement with the NSW Harness Racing Industry Standardbred Re-Homing Company Ltd.


Marie Neil

Marie Neil has been involved in Harness Racing for over 20 years and is the Manager of Rayngold Standardbreds. She is a Committee Member of the NSWSOA since its’ inception and has been inducted as a Life Member of the Association.  Marie is also Secretary of HBNSW and a Director of the NSW Standardbred Rehoming Company.


Michael Brown

Michael Brown is the Deputy Chairman of NSW Harness Racing Club and President of the NSW Standardbred Owners Association. Michael was appointed to the Re-homing Company as representing the NSWSOA. Michael has been a Director at NSWHRC for the past nine years.


Robert Marshall

Robert has been appointed to the Re-homing Company as a representative of Club Menangle.  Robert is currently the Chairman of the NSW Harness Racing Club Ltd, being first elected to that Board in 1991.

He has held positions on the Regulatory and Commercial Boards of Harness Racing NSW and is a former Chairman of the Inter Dominion Harness Racing Council.