NSW Regionalisation

26 March 2020

Regionalisation of racing on dedicated tracks will be introduced by HRNSW from April 1 as the industry takes a direction to maintain racing in NSW under tighter biosecurity protocols.

NSW will be split into four recognised regions - Metropolitan, Northern, Western and Southern.

The regions would be based upon the boundaries which are applied for the purposes of the NSW Breeders Challenge.

Race meetings will be conducted out of Tabcorp Park Menangle and Penrith Paceway (Metropolitan), Riverina Paceway Wagga (Southern) and Gold Crown Paceway Bathurst (Western), Newcastle International Paceway and Paceway Tamworth (Northern).

The protocols in place for participants will be further strengthened and these will be advised.

HRNSW will dedicate resources into racing at the secure complexes in each of the regions commencing from April 1.

All TAB Meetings will be retained however Non-TAB meetings will be removed from the racing calendar through to the conclusion of the current racing season, August 31, 2020.

General Criteria:

  • Participants (Trainers, Drivers and Stablehands) will only be permitted to race in the Region in which they are located.
  • The meetings will be serviced by Regional specific Stewards and approved HRNSW Club personnel.
  • Horse movements between Regions will be accepted only with approval from the HRNSW Integrity Division.
  • Nominations for horses trained by Interstate licensees will not be accepted by HRNSW unless these horses are stabled in NSW prior to April 1.
  • Stablehands must continue to work within the Region which they are located in prior to April 1 unless otherwise approved by the HRNSW Integrity Division.
  • Owners will not be permitted to attend training stables outside the Region in which they reside for the purposes of strict biosecurity.
  • All licensees are to be cognizant of fraternisation with other licensees outside of the Region in which they carry out their harness racing activities for strict biosecurity purposes.
  • The HRNSW Integrity Division will add to and amend the general criteria where necessary.

Changes to Race Schedule:

The Riverina Group 1 Championships will not be conducted in the current climate. HRNSW will endeavour to reschedule this Series at a time which provides equal opportunity to all eligible horses.

The Treuer Memorial (Bankstown), the Renshaw Cup (Penrith) and the Carousel (Club Menangle) will be rescheduled after the easing of restrictions by Government if suitable dates are found.

The TAB Carnival of Cups meetings will be moved to the central tracks in the respective Regions.

HRNSW will advise Industry stakeholders of the scheduling of other significant race series such as the NSW Breeders Challenge and the Tabcorp Million Dollar Pace when dates and conditions are established by HRNSW which will provide equal opportunity for all eligible horses.

Club Menangle in consultation with HRNSW will make determinations with respect of metropolitan class racing from April 1.


For further information on this matter contact:
HRNSW Industry Development Manager Shaun Snudden
ssnudden@hrnsw.com.au (02) 9722 6600