A new journey

23 February 2021

THE New South Wales Harness Racing Industry Re-Homing Company’s goal is to act as a stepping-stone to provide horses that have ended their careers on the racetrack a new lease on life and prolong their lives.

The initiative was established by Harness Racing NSW, which has teamed up with several re-training facilities around the state to ensure retired pacers and trotters are well cared for during and after their transition from a life of racing.
Chairman of the re-homing company, HRNSW board member Peter Nugent said that he and his committee had been overwhelmed by the success of the concept.
“I am excited to report that the re-homing company has just sold its first two horses,” said Nugent.
“The best news is that one of them is going to have a new life as a clerk of the course horse for the Sydney region.”
Administration Manager, Amiee Cupitt said the company began its operations last year and that the momentum had gained was more than encouraging.
“We have generated much interest in the concept since we launched the company,” said Cupitt.
“Owners of standardbreds have always been uncertain of what they could do with their horses once they had finished racing or are just not suited, and this is where we at the re-homing company can help them.
“These horses can be re-trained to be involved in other activities and we are blessed to have competent horsewoman, Sarah Solomona employed as our trainer.
“She has a wonderful rapport with the animals and can ascertain where their futures best lie.”
Cupitt also said that the company has had Hunter Valley horseman, Darren Reay and his partner Emma Nichols come on board to break-in or re-train the horses.
“Once we are fully established, it is our intention to have two or three people in each region working with us to prepare the horses for their new careers,” she said.
In a bid to educate participants on the benefits that the re-homing company provides, information stands will be set up at both the Australian Pacing Gold and Bathurst Sales while a parade of former racehorses that have been re-homed will be on show as well as at the Carnival of Miracles and Bathurst Gold Crown final nights.
Cupitt can be contacted via email at nswharnessrehoming@gmail.com or via the website http://www.harnessrehomingnsw.com/