Follow Up Report

YOUNG 10/03/2018


Stewards tonight (Young, 21st March) questioned Driver A Turnbull regarding the tactics adopted and performance of ZARAS CHOICE in race 2 at Young on the 10th of March. Miss Turnbull stated that her intentions prior to the race were to attempt to lead as the mare had won its previous race in relatively quick time when it was able to lead and the stable is of the view that it races best when it leads. She added that she drove the mare forward from the start and challenged FLORIST for the lead from the start and around the first turn. She further added that she felt FLORIST was not pacing all that fluently rounding the first turn and if they placed pressure on it, it may have gone roughly and ZARAS CHOICE may have then been able to cross it. Miss Turnbull added that although the lead time was quick she felt ZARAS CHOICE was capable of running it and finishing the race off as she was doing it within herself. She stated that she commenced to ease near the 1800 metres however, ZARAS CHOICE commenced to over-race until they were able to obtain cover behind BELLIGERENCE near the 1400 metres. She added that leaving the 600 metres she had to shift out three wide as it was apparent that BELLIGERENCE was not going to take them to the finish and when they passed that runner other runners pushed out and they had to remain racing three wide without cover for the remainder of the race. Miss Turnbull further added that she was happy with the way the mare finished the race off.