Harness Racing Industry Consultation Group

The Harness Racing Industry Consultation Group was formed in accordance with Part 5 of the Harness Racing Act 2009.


HRICG is to consist of no more than six (6) members as follows:

  1. one person nominated by the New South Wales Harness Racing Club,
  2. one person nominated by the clubs funded by HRNSW as TAB clubs,
  3. one person nominated by the clubs funded by HRNSW as non-TAB clubs,
  4. no more than 3 persons, each to be nominated by a different eligible industry body.

The Minister is to determine from time to time the bodies that are eligible industry bodies for the purposes of (d). The Minister is to consult with HRNSW on determinations made by the Minister under this subsection.

A person may be appointed as an alternate of a member, to act as that member during the absence or illness of, or during a vacancy in the office of, the member.

An alternate is to be appointed by the body that the member represents or (in the case of a member who is nominated by a body) appointed by the nominating body.

An alternate, while acting as a member, is taken to be a member and has and may exercise the functions of the member for whom he or she is the alternative.

If a body referred to above changes its name or ceases to exist, the Minister may, by order published in the Gazette, direct that a reference in this section to the body is to be read as a reference to the body under its changed name or to a specified body that appears to the Minister to be the body’s successor.


A person is not eligible to be a member of HRICG if the person:

  1. is a member of the Selection Panel, or
  2. is a member of HRNSW, or
  3. is currently, or during the previous 10 years has been, warned off, disqualified or named on the Unpaid Forfeit List under the rules, or
  4. during the previous 10 years has been convicted in New South Wales of an offence that is punishable by imprisonment for 12 months or more, or convicted elsewhere than in New South Wales of an offence that, if committed in New South Wales, would be an offence so punishable, or
  5. is an undischarged bankrupt or is taking advantage of the laws in force for the time being relating to bankruptcy, or
  6. is a mentally incapacitated person.

A person is not eligible to be appointed as a member of HRICG unless the person has been the subject of a probity check by HRNSW.


HRICG has the function of consulting with and making recommendations to HRNSW on matters concerning harness racing in the State of NSW.

Recommendations made by HRICG to HRNSW are to be made in writing and tabled at the next meeting of HRNSW or may be presented in person at that meeting by the Chairperson of HRICG.

HRNSW is to respond to HRICG in writing in relation to any such recommendations within a reasonable time after they are received. If HRNSW does not support a recommendation made by HRICG, the response by HRNSW is to include its reasons for not supporting the recommendation.

HRNSW is to undertake formal consultation on a regular basis with HRICG and other harness racing industry stakeholders in connection with the initiation, development and implementation of policies for the promotion, strategic development and welfare of the harness racing industry.

HRNSW is to prepare an initial strategic plan for the harness racing industry within 12 months after the commencement of this section and is to prepare a further strategic plan for the harness racing industry at least every 3 years after the initial strategic plan is prepared. Each such strategic plan must be prepared in consultation with HRICG and other harness racing industry stakeholders.

The Chairperson of HRICG is to provide a report on the work and activities of HRICG for inclusion in the annual report of HRNSW.


Julie Maughan - Chairperson

Julie Maughan is the Graduation and Penalty Harness Racing Clubs Committee (HRCC) representative and is the first female elected to the position of the Harness Racing Industry Consultation Group (HRICG).

Living in the north of the State Julie was the first female Chair elected to the Tamworth HRC and served the Club well as Chair for a period of four years from 2016-2020.

Julie is the Secretary of the Armidale HRC (7 yrs) and President of the North and North West Harness Racing Association as well as being a Director on the Harness Racing Standardbred Re Homing Company Ltd.

With a lifetime involvement in the sport of harness racing Julie is looking forward to her position on HRICG.


Danny Dwyer - Deputy Chair

Danny Dwyer is the Harness Racing Consultative Group (HRCC) representing the TAB Clubs.

In a voluntary role Danny also gives of his time on the Education and Welfare Committee - a group formed to review venue and workplace safety for participants, officials and patrons.

Danny Dwyer held the position of Honorary Secretary of the Harness Racing Clubs Committee (HRCC) for 12 years and is the current Honorary Secretary of the Western Districts Association, a position he has held for more than 12 years.

Danny recently received the Don Clough Volunteers Award and is the CEO of Bathurst HRC a position he has held for 15 years and has a strong involvement in the industry as an owner and trainer of a small stable located in Bathurst.

Robert Marshall- NSW Harness Racing Club


Robert represents Club Menangle on the Board of HRICG. He is currently the Chairman of the Principal Club and has had a lifetime involvement in harness racing as an owner and administrator.

Robert has held positions on the Regulatory and Commercial Boards of Harness Racing NSW and is a former Chairman of the Inter Dominion Harness Racing Council.


Flora Robson - Harness Breeders NSW


Owner, Breeder and Stud master of Braeton Park Standardbred Stables.
Third generation Harness racing Family and breeding enthusiast. President Harness Breeders NSW, secretary Trotters Association NSW, Director of Equivet, licenced A Grade Trainer & former Lecturer TAFE Equine Studies.


Peter Dewsbury - NSW Owners Association


Peter has been a Harness Racing participant for over 50 years this includes training, owning & breeding. Peter is currently the Group Trade Manager for Home Timber & Hardware and is a committee Member of the the Housing Industry Association (NSW) - Memberships & Training Committees.


TBA - Licencees