HRNSW integrity department comprises regulatory staff and incorporates Stewards, Integrity personnel, a Veterinarian and investigators.

HRNSW is required to protect the integrity of harness racing, manage the safety of participants and ensure adherence to the Australian Rules of Harness Racing through the implementation and enforcement of a regulatory regime.

The principle focus of a Steward is to act as a regulatory officer for NSW harness racing tasked with ensuring that the integrity of racing and the reputation of harness racing is maintained and enhanced through the development, implementation and enforcement of local and national rules, regulations and policies concerned with racing and trialling activities. Stewards also have the primary oversight of drug testing, licensing and handicapping.

The industry is dependent upon the public wagering upon the outcome of races and it is therefore imperative that harness racing is conducted on a level playing field and that the outcome of these races is determined through honest means. HRNSW takes a pro-active approach to maintaining the highest levels of integrity in the Harness Racing Industry.

Integrity Officer

The Integrity Officer primary function is to enhance the integrity of the harness racing industry through non-raceday functions and strategies. This role has direct supervision over the investigator. The role also co-orinadates the human drug testing regime and provides strategic support and advice to the Manager, Integrity.


Whilst the Stewards are empowered by the Rules of Racing to investigate matters arising from, or associated with, the conduct of racing, HRNSW also employs an Investigator.

The investigator specialises conducts all relevant investigative work in the course of gathering evidence which may be used at a Stewards Inquiry, should one arise. The Investigator reports to the Manager, Integrity and conducts such investigations utilising a variety of approaches and methods, dependent upon the nature of the investigation. Like the Stewards, the Investigator is another person to contact should someone wish to raise any concerns with respect to matters of integrity and control of racing.
In addition to his investigative duties, the Investigator also oversees security matters relating to competitors and the conduct of race meetings and testing of Drivers.


The veterinarian provides advice to the Manager, Integrity on all matters relating to horses, drugs, drug testing and any other relevant matters.

The Team

HRNSW has a panel of stewards who attend all major race meetings on a rotating roster.

Chairman of Stewards

Clint Bentley

Deputy Chairman of Stewards

Chris Paul

Todd Sharwood

Integrity Manager

Michael Prentice

Integrity Assistant

Amy Glide

Stipendiary Stewards

Chris Jasprizza

Daniel Westwood

Kim Lockwood

Michael Jasprizza

Shane Cullen

Todd Clarke
Travis Quick

Shaun Snudden

Brett Day

Elliott Turner
Nicholas Doulman

Andrew Ray

Cadet Stewards



Suzanne Campbell

Jason Robbs


Amy Glide

Louise Thompson


Todd Clarke

David Micallef 

Michael Donoghue

Bill Watson

Regulatory Veterinarian

Martin Wainscott

Anne-Louise Knox

Integrity & Probity Requirements

The position of Steward has integrity and probity requirements for which the following conditions apply: A Probity Assessment undertaken through NSW Police.
Completion of a Pecuniary Interests Declaration.
Completion of a TAB Confidentiality Agreement.
A prohibition on betting, gambling and the ownership in full or part of a standardbred racing in NSW.

Stewards Guidelines

Ensure that harness racing is conducted fairly, openly and transparently according to national and local rules of racing, and the regulations and policies of HRNSW.
Perform all duties of the Steward of a Controlling Body as empowered and required by the Australasian Rules Racing.
Attend race meetings, conduct inquiries and investigations, participate in appeals and perform other duties as required.
Provide advice and guidance to clubs, industry participants and stakeholders on racing matters.
Ensure the integrity of the individual members of the Stewards Section and of the Regulatory Services Division as a whole.
Ensure the integrity of clubs, participants and all others involved in harness racing activities.
Actively pursue breaches of local and/or national rules of racing, and other HRNSW regulatory policies and procedures concerned with racing, breeding, ownership and any other activity of the NSW harness racing industry.
Provide HRNSW with an industry investigation capability within appropriate legal and statutory parameters.
Facilitate prosecutions for breaches of industry rules and regulations including liaison with external bodies and agencies as required.


If you have any questions please contact:

Mr Clint Bentley (Chief Steward)
Ph: 02 9722 6655
Fx: 02 8580 5794

or to speak with the Integrity Manager please contact:

Mr Michael Prentice
Ph: 02 9722 6655
Fx: 02 8580 5794