Sulky Recovery Scheme


Details of Coverage

• A compulsory $3 (from January 1, 2020) fee will be charged on every starter, to be invoiced to the trainer for all registered races conducted in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

• Coverage is from the time the sulky is presented in the parade ring prior to the race and will cease once the horse and sulky exit the track at the completion of the allocated race.


What is covered

• Sulkies 80% of the assessed value of the sulky however to a maximum of $8000. The assessed value will be at the sole discretion of HRNSW and the figure will be based on information provided to HRNSW officials.

From January 1 2020  (Max $8,000)


• Wheels 80% of the assessed value of the wheel however to a maximum of $1,100. The assessed value will be at the sole discretion of HRNSW and the figure will be based on information provided to HRNSW officials.

From January 1 2020  (Max $1,100)

• All repairs to be undertaken by a preferred repairer to 80% of the total repairs but not in excess of the original purchase price.

Additional items covered

• Replacement helmet (not painted) if taken by HRNSW Stewards.

• Safety vest if damaged by Paramedics following a race accident.

• Race colours if damaged beyond repair following a race accident.


What is not covered

• Theft;

• Accidents in or around the stabling complex;

• Accidents resulting from travel to and from the race meeting;

• Sulkies and wheels with any signs of non-race damage, faulty workmanship, or with tampered or missing official identification tags may have their claims refused and future cover denied.


Prior to insurance coverage commencing

• All sulkies and wheels must be presented by the sulky owner/trainer for inspection at which time they will be tagged by an HRNSW official. It will be the responsibility of the owner/trainer to have the inspection carried out prior to the sulky being accepted for a claim from the SRS. Photos/details will be recorded by HRNSW.

• The official tag will be attached by the HRNSW official to the sulky and, will act as the sulky official identification number (SOIN). This SOIN will hold all the relevant details of the sulky.



• Removal of the official tag shall void any future cover and/or claims.

• If it has been less than six months since purchase, the owner/trainer must provide a genuine proof of purchase receipt which clearly states: the sulky make/model, date of purchase, price and vendors details and any warranty associated with it.

• If the sulky is older than six months and/or the owner does not have a receipt the owner must supply details of: sulky make/model, the vendor, approximate date of purchase and purchase price and any warranty. After inspection, HRNSW will then apply a fair “market value” at their sole discretion.

HRNSW reserves the right to accept or refuse any claim.


How do I make a claim?
Immediately after a race it is the responsibility of the owner to have the damaged sulky inspected by an HRNSW official.

• If my sulky is damaged who repairs the sulky and how long will this take?
The sulky will be assessed by a HRNSW official at the race meeting and will forward the appropriate documentation to an HRNSW officer who will act as the claims officer. HRNSW will provide details of preferred repairer however it is the claimant’s responsibility to have the sulky transported to and from such repairer. The repair process will be dependent on workload of the repairer, and extent of damage.

• My sulky is damaged beyond repair?
The sulky will be assessed by a HRNSW official who will act as your claims officer.
He/she will write off the sulky and take possession of the sulky. HRNSW will process the claim and have the money available within a reasonable time frame.

• What happens if I make a false claim or am found to be using the SRS in a fraudulent manner?
Each case will be reviewed and treated on a case by case basis. However, HRNSW will take strong action against any fraudulent conduct, and this may result in considerable penalties being applied. Persons found to have acted fraudulently will be referred to the NSW Police.

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