Licensing and Registration

The HRNSW Registration Department provides a range of services to Participants.
Such services include:
• Changes/Transfer of Ownership of standardbreds
• Registration of Syndicates (including company names)
• Registering importing and exporting of horses
• registration of sires, studs and AI technicians and the recording of mare services
• Registration of Leases
• Registration of Racing Colours
• Registrations of foals including freeze branding , DNA parenting confirmation and eventually naming
• Licensing of Participants e.g. Trainers, Drivers, etc.

All applications in relation to these activities must be made on the relevant forms and be submitted with the required payment as specified on the form.
Generally each of the above functions will require a Form to be completed and lodged with HRNSW with an appropriate fee.


To download the HRNSW forms please click DOWNLOAD FORMS to be directed to the forms page.


To download the HRNSW Licence & Registration fees please click DOWNLOAD FEES to be directed to the fees page.


If you require any further information please contact:

Grant Wootton
Ph:     02 9722 6613


Question & Answers

Q. How do I get a licence? 

A. (1) The ideal start for someone who has little experience in the industry is a Stablehand licence. This allows the holder to assist a trainer in the preparation of a horse for racing purposes.
A. (2) If an applicant is more experienced then the starting category is a Grade C Trainers or Drivers licence. To obtain this licence the participant makes application on the form provided, completes a Basic Horsemanship Examination with an approved assessor, and, if over 18 years of age, a National Police Certificate must be obtained through the NSW Police Service. Applicants are also required to complete required Online Licence Training, which is arranged upon submission of the applicable application.

Q. I want to race a horse with a group of friends. How many people can join a partnership?

A. Up to 20 people may own a horse in partnership, while more than 20 requires the forming of a “syndicate”. There is no restriction on the number of owners if less than 11 owners wish to form a syndicate.  

Q. I want to race a horse in my own colours. Can I do that?

A. Yes. Usual combinations of jacket and sleeve designs are indicated on the colours registration form but imaginative designs are encouraged. Send a description to the Registrar for approval and he will discuss any necessary changes with you. Colours that use corporate logos require authorisation from company owners. 

Q. How do I register my new foal?

A. Studmasters will issue a certificate of service to the breeder of the foal. This certificate must be completed and lodged within 4 weeks of foaling with the required fee. Importantly foals DO NOT have to be notified to the State that originally issued the certificate of service to the Studmaster and the foal's eligibility for futurity races may be affected by where it is registered. Before lodging your certiticate of service, check with your home State's Registrar as to the eligibility of your foal for futurity racing.  

Q. When should I lodge a transfer of ownership or a lease?

A. The Rules of Harness Racing require these forms to be lodged within 7 days of the transaction date OR BEFORE the horse next races, whichever comes first. This must be strictly adhered to in relation to the payment of any prizemoney. Back dating these forms WILL NOT alter the payment process and late lodgement fees may be applied. 

Q. How do I go about naming a horse?

A. Submit a completed name application, showing all white markings, the actual freeze brand symbols and the required fee to HRNSW. Once the Registrar is satisfied that your names meet the conditions (oultined on the application form) the selected names are then submitted to The Keeper of The Stud Book for approval. Under normal circumstances this process takes 2 to 3 days. HRNSW submits daily lists to HRA for approval.  

Q. I am importing a horse from overseas for racing. What do I need to do?

A. You must lodge the signed transfer of ownership from the overseas owners with HRNSW. Then contact HRA (03) 9227 3000 to pay the import fee and have the export certificate released to the State Controlling Body.