Enquiries Structure



An internal procedure is to be initiated in instances whereby stakeholders/participants have a genuine enquiry about an aspect of the decision making of HRNSW personnel.


The following steps are to be taken in respect of a written (or verbal) enquiry submitted by a stakeholder/participant  with respect to a decision or ruling taken by empowered HRNSW personnel:-

1 – The person should be referred to the relevant Manager if verbal contact is initiated.

2 – The Manager is to obtain in writing the full details of the enquiry.

3 – An acknowledgment on a confidential basis of receipt of the written enquiry is to be provided to the person making the enquiry.

4 – Following the review and prior to a response the Manager will report the enquiry to the Chief Executive and any other Manager who may be connected to the matter.

5 – On further review (if any) of the enquiry the Manager is to respond in writing to the stakeholder/participants articulating the reasoning for the decision reached where possible within 28 days.

6 – A record, inclusive of the details of the enquiry and the response, is to be kept.

Steps to be taken if the enquiry has relevance:

If deemed necessary by the HRNSW Executive Management a revised decision or alternate course of action may be devised/determined and advised to the stakeholder/participant. In those circumstances and where required a course of action is to be taken by the HRNSW Executive Management so as to remedy the matter or to avoid repetition.

Assessment of an Enquiry:

An assessment of the enquiry should be referred to the Chief Executive and Integrity Manager if the relevant Manager considers the matter may in fact be a complaint.

Stakeholder/Participant Awareness:

The procedure is to be published on the HRNSW website for the awareness of stakeholders/participants who wish to make a verbal and then written enquiry to the relevant HRNSW Manager.

HRNSW Management Contacts:

Stewards – Clint Bentley cbentley@hrnsw.com.au

Integrity – Michael Prentice mprentice@hrnsw.com.au

Handicapping – Mark Read mread@hrnsw.com.au

Operations, Insurance, Work Health & Safety & Finance – Peter Carney pcarney@hrnsw.com.au

Racing, Breeders Challenge, Tracks & Infrastructure – Brett Scelly bscelly@hrnsw.com.au

Education & Welfare – Maurice Logue mlouge@hrnsw.com.au

Marketing & Communications – Paul Cochrane pcochrane@hrnsw.com.au

Media – Amanda Rando arando@hrnsw.com.au

Other HRNSW matters inclusive of Board Policy – John Dumesny jdumesny@hrnsw.com.au


John Dumesny

Chief Executive

November 2022