Harness Racing New South Wales has arranged certain types of insurance for member clubs, drivers and trainers.
All queries relating to covers should be directed to the person below who will answer your queries.

Mr Peter Carney (Manager, Commercial Services)
Ph: 02 9722 6629
Fx: 02 8580 5793

This page is designed to provide information on the types of cover available, claims information and contact details.

Public & Products Liability

The Public and Products Liability policy indemnifies nominated clubs, training and trialling tracks and registered participants against personal injury or property damage claims made against them by third parties resulting from an incident occurring in connection with their harness racing business activities.


Public Liability:

$50,000,000 any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of the one event during the period of insurance.

Products Liability:

$50,000,000 any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of the one event during the period of insurance.

Sub Limits

Property in Physical or legal control
$2,000,000 any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of the one event during the period of insurance.
Care custody and control (further sub limited to $200,000 and one trainer)

Professional Liability

$2,000,000 any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising out of the one event during the period of insurance.
Excess / Deductible Schedule:
1. $1,000 each and every occurrence (cost inclusive) in respect of claims arising out of a licensed driver’s harness racing, trainer’s activities or mini/pony trotting claims.
2. $20,000 each and every occurrence (cost inclusive) in respect of driver versus driver claims where the claimant driver is entitled to claim workers compensation benefits arising out of the accident.
3. $10,000 each and every occurrence (cost inclusive) in respect of all other claims.


Harness Racing NSW, including affiliated bodies, regional associations and Clubs and/or subsidiary and/or related corporations as defined under Australian Corporations Law and/or financiers and all parties for whom the Insured undertakes to insure for their respective rights, interests, inter-relationships and liabilities.
A full list of the insureds can be found in the policy wording.


Licensed Trainers, Drivers, Stablehands (Voluntary Workers only) of Harness Racing New South Wales.
Period of Insurance:
From 4.00pm 30th June 2015 to 4.00pm 01 September 2016.

Personal Accident Policy

In general terms the HRNSW Group Personal Accident policy covers participants for injuries sustained through harness activities that are not covered by workers compensation insurance. For drivers, the policy would cover them for harness activities other than in a race conducted in NSW. For example where a driver competes in a race in a state where no workers compensation is available eg VIC and TAS, the Group Personal Accident policy will provide cover for the drivers in those states.

NSW based drivers should note that the Canberra Harness Racing Club has a separate Personal Accident Policy for drivers who compete in races in the ACT.

However drivers and industry participants should be aware that cover is not extensive and, more importantly, only covers participants for a maximum term of two (2) years. It is not like private health insurance where you can choose your own doctor and cover may last for longer periods (depending on provider).

The Group Personal Accident policy provides capital benefits (death, permanent disablement), weekly benefits and other allowances.

The policy provides for non-Medicare medical expenses only. Non-Medicare medical costs include Private hospital costs, physiotherapy and other expenses that are not claimable through Medicare.

General Insurers in Australia are prohibited from making payment on any expenses for which a Medicare benefit is paid or is payable including the balance of monies due or payable by you after the deduction of any Medicare benefit or rebate from the actual expense incurred. This is commonly referred to as the “Medicare Gap”, (refer section 67 of the National Health Act 1953 as amended).

In summary the Personal Accident Injury cover provides financial assistance in three key areas:
• Non-Medicare Medical Benefits
• Loss of Income Benefits
• Capital Benefits

Click here to view the Sports Injury Benefits.

If you’re looking for information about this insurance, please select any of the options on this page or refer to the frequently asked questions and the attached notice to participants.
Personal accident Policies have also been purchased for:
(i) Voluntary workers
(ii) Mini and Maxi trot participants
(iii) Attendant Licence holders


Any incident should be reported to club officials/stewards (for race track incidents) and details recorded including names and contact details of witnesses and any other information that may be relevant should a claim be made against/by the Trainer/Driver.

All claims should be forwarded through Arthur J.Gallagher.

How to make a Personal Accident claim?

To make an injury claim, take the following steps within 30 days of the injury occurring:
1. Obtain a claim form from Arthur J.Gallagher by calling 02 8838 5700 or download it here. Then arrange for your doctor to complete a 'medical statement.
2. If claiming loss of income have the employer complete 'the member’s employment details'
3. Return the completed claim form to Arthur J.Gallagher within 30 days of the injury occurring

How to make a Public and Professional Liability claim
It is essential that you notify Arthur J.Gallagher on 02 8838 5700 of any potential claim. Arthur J.Gallagher will then provide you with advice as how to proceed.