Racing Office

The Racing Office is responsible for all operations that relate to the production of race fields for registered Harness Racing Clubs in New South Wales. Their tasks include loading of nominations (via internet, phone or fax), loading of race programs, acceptance of race results, updating TAB scratchings & driver changes, production / distribution of media and race day related files, loading of stable returns and all Harnessweb enquiries.

The Racing Office is also responsible for the production of trial fields and trial results for certain race clubs. The staff consist of Handicappers, an Appeals Secretary and an Administration Officer. The Handicappers have a thorough knowledge of the Australian Handicapping Rules and the NSW policies that relate to Racing Office operations. All policies are applied in a consistent manner with integrity. Please see a listing of all NSW race & trial meetings. Nominations are to be lodged through Harnessweb  

The Team

Chief Handicapper

Mark Read  


Jessee Rando and Patricia Skelton

Racing Administration

Mark Glendenning 


If you have any questions please contact:

Mr Mark Read (Chief Handicapper)
Ph:     02 9722 6603
Fx:     02 8580 5791