Development & Support Program (DASP)

What is the HRNSW Development and Support Program (DASP)?

The HRNSW Development and Support Program (DASP) is a confidential counselling and advice service for Trainers and Drivers paid for by HRNSW at no cost to you.
The service can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is provided by an independent, professional organisation called Veretis (formally Insight Elite Performance Psychology (IEPP)).
All Veretis counsellors are qualified, experienced professionals who have extensive training and experience in counselling, coaching and elite sports consultation. They provide similar services to Racing NSW and the NSW Jockeys Association, Sydney Swans AFL club, Sydney Roosters NRL club and Melbourne AFL club.

What Assistance can the Program Provide?

The Development and Support Program can assist you with coaching and strategies to deal with your work and life journey and offers short term, solution focussed counselling and advice. The sessions are informal, friendly and focussed on your needs. It can be provided face-to-face or over the telephone, whichever is more convenient for you. The services offered by the program can help you to:
• Clarify and understand a problem/challenge in your life;
• Identify options to do something about it; and
• Develop plans to approach difficult issues in a constructive manner.

What Issues can I get Assistance with?

The Development and Support Program is provided to assist with a broad range of personal or work related issues including:

• Difficult Relationships
• Work/Life balance
• Career concerns
• Life/Work changes
• Family, child & eldercare issues
• Anxiety, stress & depression
• Difficult situations
• Suicidal thoughts or urges
• Work performance difficulties

• Work crisis & trauma
• Violence & anger issues
• Bereavement, grief & loss
• Alcohol & addictions
• Legal & financial stress
• Conflict
• Managing life stages
• Bullying & harassment
• Communication

If you have any concerns about any of the above issues or other similar issues, especially if they are interfering with your mental health or quality of life, then the Development and Support Program may be of very real benefit to you. Often the longer an issue remains unattended, the more your life or those around you may be affected by it. Early assistance with a minor issue may prevent it from developing into a major one.

How can I Access the Program?

You can make an appointment directly by simply telephoning Veretis or HRNSW may suggest the use of the program, however, the decision to use this service is always voluntary. Alternatively, access to the program can also be organised by you through HRNSW or the UHRA.

The relevant contact numbers to enquire about or access the services are:
• Veretis 24/7 Support Line - 1300 878 379
• Veretis Oliver Brecht- 0406 977 290
• HRNSW Maurice Logue- 0400 984 193
After the counselling/advice sessions, the person you talk with could suggest that further assistance be useful. If you choose to take up this referral to an outside program, you may be responsible for any costs that apply? The use of any external program can be approved by HRNSW after consultation with Veretis.


All consultations are strictly confidential. Veretis does not share information about you with anyone unless authorised to do so by you in writing, or if required under Australian law.

Checklist- Should I Use the Program?

Have you experienced any of the following;
• Waking during the night concerned about a problem;
• Irritability or anger about issues, especially minor issues;
• Feeling withdrawn from situations or people;
• Worrying or negative thoughts;
• Feeling helpless in regard to resolving an issue;
• Other people indicating “you are not yourself”;
• Lethargy, reduced energy and lack of drive;
• Emotional outbursts or feeling teary;
• Long work hours but feeling you are achieving very little;
• Uncharacteristic accidents at work or home;
• Difficulty concentrating and/or forgetting things;
• Feeling depressed or very down;
• Uncertainty about how to approach a situation;
• Concern about a relationship at home or work;
• Conflict at home or work