What We Do

Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) conducts the commercial and regulatory functions of the harness racing industry in NSW. Operating under the Harness Racing Act 2009, HRNSW is chartered to operate autonomously of government in managing the strategic and commercial development of harness racing in NSW as a not-for-profit corporate body.

Functions performed by HRNSW include registration of harness racing clubs, strategic planning, insurance administration, allocation and scheduling of race meetings, distribution of funds, negotiation of commercial agreements, development of breeding and handicapping policy, management of capital works and the regulatory control of the industry, as well as a range of other activities previously performed by both Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) and the Greyhound and Harness Racing Regulatory Authority (GHRRA).

HRNSW employs over 30 staff to undertake the day-to-day running, management and administration of the industry. The business structure of HRNSW covers both the regulatory and commercial responsibilities with four core business units namely: Integrity, Racing product and Development, Marketing and Commercial Services.
Board and management from HRNSW provide industry representation to Harness Racing Australia (HRA).

Harness Racing New South Wales Mission Statement

HRNSW’s Mission Statement is to maintain an effective regulatory and governance framework, maximise the opportunity for reinvestment and to provide a platform for increased participation.

The vision will be attained through:
(i) Increase in prizemoney;
(ii) Development a more sophisticated funding model;
(iii) Maximise the income earned from wagering;
(iv) Invoke consumer confidence and life the industry’s profile;
(v) Expand animal welfare strategies;
(vi) Implement an optimal racing schedule;
(vii) Showcase country racing;
(viii) Introduce regional concepts;
(ix) Stimulate the breeding sector;
(x) Improve efficiencies and maximise cost savings.