Functions and Powers

Functions of HRNSW

  1. HRNSW has the functions conferred or imposed on it by or under this or any other Act or law.
  2. Without limiting subsection (1), the functions of HRNSW include the following:
    1. to control, supervise and regulate harness racing in the State,
    2. to register harness racing clubs, harness racing horses, owners, trainers and drivers of harness racing horses, bookmakers for harness racing and other persons associated with harness racing,
    3. to initiate develop and implement policies considered conducive to the promotion, strategic development and welfare of the harness racing industry in the State,
    4. to distribute money received as a result of commercial arrangements required by the Totalizator Act 1997,
    5. to allocate to harness racing clubs the dates on which they may conduct harness racing meetings.
  3. HRNSW may affiliate with such organisations, whether in or out of New South Wales, as HRNSW considers appropriate.
  4. The functions of HRNSW are not limited by the rules and are to be exercised independently of Harness Racing Australia or any successor.

Powers of HRNSW

  1. HRNSW has power to do all things that may be necessary or convenient to be done for or in connection with the exercise of its functions.
  2. Without limiting subsection (1), HRNSW has power to do the following:
    1. investigate and report on proposals for the construction of new racecourses, and inspect new racecourses or alterations or renovations to existing racecourses,
    2. supervise the activities of harness racing clubs, persons registered by HRNSW and all other persons engaged in or associated with harness racing,
    3. inquire into and deal with any matter relating to harness racing and to refer any such matter to stewards or others for investigation and report and, without limiting the generality of this power, to inquire at any time into the running of any harness racing horse on any course or courses, whether or not a report concerning the matter has been made or decision arrived at by any stewards,
    4. direct and supervise the dissolution of a harness racing club that ceases to be registered by HRNSW,
    5. appoint an administrator to conduct the affairs of a harness racing club,
    6. disqualify a harness racing horse from participating in a race,
    7. exclude from participating in a race a harness racing horse not registered under the rules,
    8. prohibit a person from attending or taking part in a harness racing meeting,
    9. impose a penalty on a person registered by it or on an owner of a harness racing horse for a contravention of the rules,
    10. consult, join, affiliate and maintain liaison with other associations or bodies, whether in the State or elsewhere, concerned with harness racing,
    11. enter into contracts,
    12. acquire, hold, take or lease and dispose of real and personal property whether in its own right or as trustee,
    13. borrow money,
    14. order an audit of the books and accounts of a harness racing club by an auditor who is a registered company auditor nominated by HRNSW,
    15. scrutinise the constitutions of harness racing clubs to ensure they conform to any applicable Act and the rules and that they clearly and concisely express the needs and desires of the clubs concerned and of harness racing generally,
    16. publish material, including periodical publications, to inform the public about matters relating to harness racing, whether in the State or elsewhere,
    17. take such steps and do such acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the exercise of its powers and the performance of its functions.
    18. undertake research and investigation into all aspects of the breeding of harness racing horses and of harness racing generally,
  3. Nothing in this Act confers on HRNSW power to conduct harness racing meetings on its own behalf.

Registration functions of HRNSW—general

  1. HRNSW is to exercise its registration functions so as to ensure that any individuals registered by HRNSW are persons who, in the opinion of HRNSW, are fit and proper persons to be so registered (having regard in particular to the need to protect the public interest as it relates to the harness racing industry).
  2. Without limiting subsection (1), a person is not to be so registered if the person has a conviction and HRNSW is of the opinion that the circumstances of the offence concerned are such as to render the person unfit to be so registered.
  3. This section does not limit any provisions of the rules relating to the exercise of the registration functions of HRNSW.
  4. In this section: Conviction has the same meaning as in the Criminal Records Act 1991 but does not include a conviction that is spent under that Act. Registration functions means the functions referred to in Division 1 of Part 3.

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