Manager - Commercial Operations

The Commercial Services Division is responsible for the efficient functioning of most back office Functions of HRNSW.
From a participant’s point of view the main interaction with the Commercial Services Division will come when you have issues with the following:

Stakes System

The Division runs the stakes system on a Wednesday every fortnight (subject to public Holidays).
The dates for payment of stakes monies can be found here.

HRNSW is responsible for the payment of prizemoney, driver’s fees, insurance and other amounts arising from every race conducted within New South Wales and the ACT.


HRNSW purchases two types of insurance policies to cover participants.

Those covers are:

         (a)     Personal accident and
         (b)     Public / Products Liability

In general terms the HRNSW Group Personal Accident policy covers participants for injuries sustained through harness activities that are not covered by workers compensation insurance.

For drivers, the policy would cover them for harness activities other than in a race conducted in NSW. For example where a driver competes in a race in a state where no workers compensation is available eg ACT and TAS, the Group Personal Accident policy will provide cover for the drivers in those states.

Drivers injured during a race at any track in NSW will be covered by a NSW Workers Compensation Policy

The Public Liability policy on the other hand indemnifies nominated clubs, training and trialling tracks and registered participants against personal injury or property damage claims made against them by third parties resulting from an incident occurring in connection with their harness racing business activities.

Further details on insurance and claim forms can be found here.

Unpaid forfeits List

The division also maintain the industry’s Unpaid Forfeits List.
Any participant whose name falls on the list should contact us to make any relevant arrangements.

Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund is a trust established by the harness racing industry to provide financial assistance to current and past participants who may find themselves in difficult financial circumstances.

The Fund is administered by the division. The Fund can assist industry participants who may find themselves in difficult times. The Fund has assisted with funerary costs and provided levels of financial respite especially in cases where there has been a lag in the release of insurance benefits by providers

Any applications for assistance should be addressed to the CEO or Board.

Any participants who have any questions pertaining to the operation of the Fund should contact the Manager, Commercial Services