NOTICE: Drought Assistance

19 March 2019

 HARNESS Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) have extended strategies to assist industry stakeholders to subsidise feed deliveries during the current drought conditions through to 30thJune 2019.

HRNSW is providing assistance for stud farms, breeding nurseries and trainers to obtain feed by subsiding delivery costs. 

HRNSW is providing an automatic $17.50 starters fee for all horses which contest races or trials (registered with HRNSW) per week. It is not necessary to apply for the starters subsidy.

To access these HRNSW drought assistance strategies, the application forms can be obtained by clicking on the below links. Application forms should be sent to for consideration.

Special Note: Applications for feed delivery costs incurred in 2018 must be submitted prior to 31stMarch 2019.