Drives to follow - Newcastle

4 October 2019

RACE caller and media star Mark McNamara is back in town and has spoken with some of the drivers engaged at Newcastle tonight and these are their 'Drives To Follow' 


  • Jack Callaghan - R4 #1 - Velocity Stride - "he's up in grade but still my best chance"


  • Peter Hedges (Trainer) - R4 #6 Golovkin


  • Blake Hughes (Driver) - R4 # 6 Golovkin


  • Jake Hughes - R4 #7 Platinum Penny - "shes my best chance, has an awkward draw but is racing well"


  • Robbie Morris - R4 #10 Special Pony "haven't driven him alot but when I have he's impressed me" also R5 #4 Rain Man "had a set back but is still an each way chance in that race"


  • Brad Elder - (Driver) R6 #6 Nasholi - "should lead and win"


  • Peter Neilson - (Trainer) R6 #6 Nahsoli


  • Dan Morgan - R6 #8 Never Know Charlie - "has an awkward draw but should go close"


  • Glenn Bull - R7 #1 Ultra Bliss - "If he leads I think he will win" also R8 #5 My Blue Heeler "same as Ultra Bliss if he leads I think he will win"


  • Leigh Sutton - R7 #7 Major Mondo - "will win"


  • Andrew Bourke - R8 #1 Tyco


  • Sean Grayling - R8 #2 Milwaukee Stryder - "he's my best if he does things right"


Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is the controlling body for harness racing in New South Wales with responsibility for commercial and regulatory management of the industry including 33 racing clubs across the State.  HRNSW is headed by a Board of Directors and is independent of Government.




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