Participant Bank Detail Changes

19 June 2020


Dear Participant,


HRNSW is proud to announce the introduction of a new online bank account update feature that can be accessible via the HarnessWeb platform.


Until now all industry participants were required to provide HRNSW’s finance department with a completed Bank Account Details From and either post, fax or email it to HRNSW. This manual process will now cease as of the 1st July 2020.


After accessing HRNSW's website  instead of being able to download the old form you will now be directed to the HarnessWeb site where you will be able to update your Bank Account details electronically. This is a secured site for participants to use.


All participants can use the feature including trainers, drivers and owners however only the listed manager of a customer code will be able to make the changes to bank details for horses.


Click here to proceed to the HarnessWeb login page.

Click here to view the step by step instructions.




Yours faithfully,


Mr Peter Carney

Chief Operating Officer