NSW Bonus System to Change from 1 September

4 August 2020

Following feedback from industry stakeholder groups and individual participants the NSW Breeders and Owners Bonus Schemes have been changed.

The bonus system which last financial year saw a record number of bonuses either issued in cash (breeders) or redeemed by certificate (owners) and other connected incentives which amounted to $3,320,608 of industry funding.

The increase in the bonuses has been accredited to the National Ratings System where by previously less than competitive horses are now able to race against like horses whilst it became common for two year old horses to compete against and defeat these same horses. In an all ages maiden race at Bathurst during the year there was a dead-heat (both two year olds) and bonuses were paid to both sets of breeders and owners.

Whilst funding was a significant increase on the previous year the benefits primarily went to breeder/owners who had suffered through the potentially once-in-a-lifetime drought, experienced in NSW.

The changes to be effective from September 1 are:

* Eligible two year old (2YO) horses can only redeem a bonus in a NSW two year old race;
* Eligible three year old (3YO) horses can redeem a bonus for their first win as a three year old in NSW        which may not be in a designated three year old race;
* Eligible four year old (4YO) horses can redeem a bonus for their first lifetime win if the horse has been sustained as either a 2YO or 3YO however bonuses for horses five year old and older have been withdrawn.

As the racing season has been extended through to December 31 eligible horses will collect a bonus in accordance with its age at September 1. Due however to the disruption of the racing season caused by the COVID-19 pandemic a two year old (2YO) will be able to redeem a 2YO bonus in a postponed 2020 NSW Breeders Challenge or Trot NSW event. This will not restrict the horse from also redeeming a three year old (3YO) bonus through to August 2021.

The Stallion Incentive Scheme has been retained however the criteria for eligibility and funding levels have been amended for clarity.

HRNSW will further review the Breeding Schemes and will engage in the first instance with the Harness Breeders NSW and NSW Standard Owners Association with regard to the sharing of the bonuses between breeders and owners, the sustaining fees and the prizemoney distribution between all stakeholders.

The Breeders Schemes Conditions can be found at:

Breeders - http://www.nswbred.com.au/breeders-bonuses/

Owners - http://www.nswbred.com.au/owners-bonuses/