‘Harness The Passion’ Strategic Plan released

30 December 2020

‘SUSTAIN, enhance and innovate’ are the key pillars for Harness Racing New South Wales’ 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, ‘Harness The Passion’.

Following extensive consultation and contributions from a cross-section of stakeholders, the newly released plan will deliver in the pillars of sustain, enhance and innovate over the next three years.
Actions towards the Strategic Plan goals are already in place with HRNSW recently announcing base prizemoney will incrementally increase year-on-year commencing from January 1, 2021.
A total increase in base prizemoney of $8.5million will be delivered to owners, trainers and drivers across the three years to ‘sustain the industry’.
Other prizemoney injections in regional NSW have also been released.
“Significant funding injections amounting to several millions of dollars are provided for over the next three years underpinned by a stable return in wagering revenue and draw down where necessary from the Future Fund,” HRNSW Chief Executive John Dumesny said.
“Importantly wagering revenue must be sustained and improved which can lead to further increases to base prizemoney and other initiatives undertaken for the advancement of the industry at large.”
Meanwhile, HRNSW is also midway through a search of appointing a specialist Media and Marketing Manager to ‘enhance the industry’ through an internationally renowned recruitment agency specialising in sport.
“Already HRNSW has a media and marketing budget but we are often questioned if this is enough or is it well placed,” Dumesny said.
“During the course of the previous Strategic Plan $2.3 million per year in direct costs have been covered by HRNSW and partnering with Clubs to promote the industry will be the mission going forward.”
An Innovation Group will be formed from people with a positive passion for the harness racing industry so as to ‘innovate the industry’.
This group will be funded by HRNSW and ideas that challenge the tried-and-true formula will be explored.
“Not every idea will be accomplished but with positive people on board we can become an even more attractive sport especially for the younger generations.”
HRNSW is required under the Harness Racing Act to prepare a Strategic Plan on a three-year cycle.
“All those participants who contributed to the formulation of the Strategic Plan must be acknowledged for their commitment to the task,” Dumesny said.
The ‘Harness The Passion’ 2021-2023 Strategic plan can be found at www.hrnsw.com.au or alternatively click here.


Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is the controlling body for harness racing in New South Wales with responsibility for commercial and regulatory management of the industry including 33 racing clubs across the State.  HRNSW is headed by a Board of Directors and is independent of Government.



JOHN DUMESNY | Chief Executive Officer

(02) 9722 6600 • jdumesny@hrnsw.com.au