Elder's top effort

14 January 2022

CHALKING up 89 winners as a driver in a season is a significant effort in anyone’s terms.

That was the tally for Brad Elder in 2021, his best result since the 2017-18 term, when he drove 82 winners.

But Elder fell just short of the goal that he set himself at the start of the year of landing a century of winners.

And while he expressed his gratitude for achieving such a good result, the young reinsman is determined bring up that elusive ton in 2022.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the success I have had during my time in the gig,” said Elder.

“But I have this burning desire to reach that 100-win milestone.

“I set myself goals at the start of each year, and I again fell short last year, which was disappointing.

“Still, it has made me even more determined to get there this time around.”

There is no doubt that Elder sits comfortably among the most talented young reinsmen and women in New South Wales, and his results each year support that claim.

Currently he and his father Darren have 13 horses in work and are looking to extend their numbers.

“Ideally we would like to have around 25 horses in the stable, that is a manageable number for us,” said Elder.

“We are fortunate that we have some very loyal clients who have supported our stable through thick and thin and recently both Aaron Bain Racing and Summit Bloodstock are syndicates that have sent horses our way.

“I have also struck up a relationship with leading Tasmanian trainer-driver Conor Crook and between us we have horses racing both here and down there.”

Brad heads to Newcastle tonight with the best book of drives he has had in months and is confident their stable’s new acquisition, Jiggy Rhythm is his strongest winning chance.

“I do have a healthy book of drives tonight and will be disappointed if I do not win a race or two,” he said.

“Jiggy Rhythm is definitely the best of them.

“Dad has only had him a bit over a month, and he has won three from four starts and finished second in the other.

“Drawing off the back line is not too much of a concern because he has a devastating turn of foot when he lets down, so he should be hard to beat again.”