Yvonne Sampson appointed to HRNSW Board

26 July 2023

Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) is pleased to announce the appointment of Yvonne Sampson to fill a casual vacancy on the HRNSW Board until November 2026. Ms. Sampson’s appointment is a momentous addition to our esteemed Board, given her extensive expertise in sports broadcasting and her profound understanding of the equine industry and sporting landscape.

Yvonne is a highly regarded sports broadcaster who has earned a distinguished reputation in the sports media industry through a career spanning more than 20 years. HRNSW is confident Yvonne’s considerable knowledge and experience in sports broadcasting will bring a fresh perspective and valuable insights to our strategic decision-making processes.
Not only is Yvonne a gifted sports broadcaster, she is also an accomplished horsewoman with a deep-rooted passion for the equine world. Her intimate understanding of the horse racing industry and her familiarity with the sporting landscape make her a valuable asset to HRNSW. Her diverse expertise will play a pivotal role in advancing the interests of harness racing in New South Wales and fostering positive developments for the sport.
HRNSW Chairman Ken Brown said Yvonne’s appointment was a significant move during a time of change and progress for the organisation.
"We are delighted to welcome Yvonne to HRNSW. Yvonne’s impressive background in sports broadcasting and her strong connections to the equine industry will undoubtedly contribute to the Board's collective vision of elevating harness racing to new heights. We believe that Yvonne's addition to the Board will strengthen our capacity to make informed decisions and drive the sport's growth and prosperity," Mr Brown said.
Yvonne also expressed her excitement about joining the HRNSW Board.
"I am truly honoured to be appointed to the HRNSW Board. Having grown up around horses and being deeply involved in the sporting community, I am passionate about contributing to the future of harness racing in New South Wales. I look forward to collaborating with the Board and stakeholders to support and promote this magnificent sport," she said.
“I am a horse lover and always have been. I’ve been involved with horses as a competitor and even worked at an Equine Hospital so to now be part of a team that is making decisions not only on behalf of the industry and its participants but also these wonderful animals as well is something I’m very excited about. The welfare of the horses will always be my priority and I can’t wait to get started in the role.”
HRNSW takes immense pride in fostering diversity and inclusivity within its ranks, and Yvonne’s appointment is testament to this commitment. We believe her unique perspective and expertise will further enhance the governance and strategic direction of HRNSW, ultimately benefiting all participants and stakeholders in the harness racing community.



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