Prepare for the breeding season with HRNSW's successful Breed NSW Scheme

3 August 2023

Harness Racing NSW (HRNSW) is excited to remind all participants of the fast-approaching breeding season and the remarkable success of the Breed NSW Scheme in the past year. 

The Board of HRNSW remains committed to supporting and promoting breeding, as evidenced by the announcement last year of the Breed NSW Scheme, a significant initiative aimed at boosting the breeding sector.
With an injection of $5million over three years, the Scheme aims to alleviate some of the costs associated with breeding, fostering increased participation and quality breeding programs.
This past year and into the next year, over $2.1 million will be delivered to participants through the Breed NSW Scheme, plus an additional $3.3million in NSW bonuses.
Subsequently, the Breed NSW Scheme has shown promising results and HRNSW is pleased to report positive green shoots demonstrated during the previous breeding season with an increase in breeding numbers and market share growth, defying national trends.
This success has been made possible by the dedication and passion of our participants, breeders, and stakeholders. Harness Racing NSW remains committed to the expansion and sustainability of the industry and will continue to explore innovative ways to distribute capital effectively during this time of growth in NSW.
Harness Racing NSW Chairman Ken Brown spoke about the Board's objectives and the triumph of the Breed NSW Scheme, stating: "Our primary goal has always been to grow and support a thriving harness racing community in NSW. The Breed NSW Scheme exemplifies our commitment to supporting our breeders and participants, ensuring a vibrant future for harness racing in our state. The success of the Scheme during the last breeding season is a great outcome for the state.”
The Breed NSW Scheme has since been complimented with uplifted redemption conditions for NSW Breeders Challenge and Trot NSW Owners Bonus Certificates, announced in May.
Harness Racing NSW encourages all breeders and participants to seize this opportunity and start preparing for the upcoming breeding season. The breeding industry is a cornerstone of our sport, and the Board remains committed to creating an environment that encourages growth, development, and prosperity for all stakeholders.
For more information about the Breed NSW Scheme, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, please visit the Harness Racing NSW website at
For more information about the NSW Breeders Challenge and Trot NSW Owners Bonus Certificate Redemption Conditions click here.

‘It pays to breed in NSW’




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