Follow Up Report

YOUNG 12/03/2021


EXPERIA NZ – Stewards at Wagga on the 30th of July, concluded an inquiry into the tactics and performance of the gelding in the above race, and Driver J Trainor leaving the course when required for the inquiry. J Trainor stated that he and the stable were confident of a forward showing on the night, given the gelding’s recent form, if they were able to obtain its favoured forward position in the early stages. He added that he was of the view the gelding was travelling well in the early and middle stages of the race and was happy with the tempo being set. He further added that they were forced to travel somewhat quicker than he would have liked to maintain his position outside the leader when MAKE MINE HEAVEN improved to his outside near the 1600 metres, but did not feel that the pace was too quick for the gelding to handle. J Trainor added that the stable were very disappointed with the gelding’s performance, as it races best when able to lead or sit outside the leader, which they had been able to do, and had sent it for an immediate spell following the race. J Trainor was advised of his obligations to remain on course when required for an inquiry.