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Supplementary Report

OUR REBEL YELL – At Wagga on the 28th of November, Stewards questioned Driver N Woodhouse regarding his tactics, in particular whether there was an opportunity to shift wider approaching the 400 metres to obtain clear running, or if he could ease wider rounding the home turn, or upon entering the home straight. Trainer B Woodhouse was also present in the inquiry and gave evidence regarding the intended tactics and how the gelding had been driven previously. N Woodhouse stated that the gelding only has a relatively short sprint and performs best in his view when saved for a final sprint when it settles in a position with cover. He added that he was mindful of its most recent start at Albury on the 14th of November, when he shifted wider at the 400 metres and the gelding was not competitive at the finish, so was reluctant to commence a run at that stage in front of SMASH IT, and he was happy following GUYS BETTOR BET, as he was of the view that it had superior form and felt it would take him into the race. He further added that he did not attempt to shift SMASH IT wider rounding the turn as he still felt comfortable following GUYS BETTOR BET at that point and did not want to cause unnecessary interference. N Woodhouse added that upon entering the home straight he considered making a run to the inside of GUYS BETTOR BET however felt that would not afford him a clear run so a short distance later shifted out around SMASH IT to obtain clear running. He further added that he felt the gelding had peaked on its run nearing the finish line and shifting out earlier would not have altered its finishing position. Stewards noted his comments, and advised N Woodhouse as he gained more experience they would expect him to attempt to ease wider near the 200 metres in similar circumstances.