Open Inquiries

Meeting Date Race Number Location (Club) Inquiry Status Hearing Date
07/11/2019 1 Penrith Driver L Sutton, Conduct Adjourned
02/11/2019 3 Menangle K Pizzuto – THE BERRORMACK NZ – Late Arrival & Conduct Charges Laid
22/10/2019 6 Menangle Driver R Morris, Post-race Conduct (Whip Use) DARK ENERGY NZ Adjourned TBC
15/10/2019 1 Bankstown Trainer K Pizzuto - Permitting W Mulcay to drive without Licence AHRR 90A(2.9)(a) Charges Laid
15/10/2019 1 Bankstown Mr W Milcay - Driving in Track Work without licence AHRR 91(1)(a) Charges Laid
01/10/2019 7 Menangle Leigh Sutton Whip Use No Evidence Taken 8/10/2019